"Best Ways To Give Feedback" lol okay

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You know what'll make feedback easier for you to understand?

If developers ACTUALLY read them

I can't even respectfully phrase the amount of arrogance and incompetence the developers of this game have shown in such a short amount of time. You can't advocate consumer satisfaction being a priority by doing a few minor framework patches that STILL haven't fixed the game's functionality completely, all the while drafting up more scams that trick players into spending money. It's funny how randomly sending us meager amounts of gems and resources every time your servers sh*t themselves seems to be the only response y'all deem fitting to keep us "engaged"....

People want to keep playing this game. I want to keep playing this game. However, at this point in time, it seems to be the generalized understanding of the player base that it's not possible unless you either (1) drop hundreds, if not thousands of dollars or (2) play this game during every waking second of your life, only to fall short of accomplishing as much as little Justin did with his mommy's credit card in ten minutes. Those videos you post of people showing off their rosters prove my point even further. Y'all are literally proving the contrary opinion correctly and are digging a deeper grave for yourselves and it's absolutely hilarious for you to think we'd really care about seeing how much we could acquire perchance we're all as stupid as those people who spent well over $1,000.00 on this game. If none of that made any sense to you because you're that much of a third-rate app-developing company as I take y'all to be, here's a linear list condensing the aforementioned grievances:

(1) servers are trash
(2) season passes are trash
(3) token drop rates are trash
(4) Club Conquest is trash
(5) character balancing is trash
(6) matchmaking algorithm is trash
(7) developer responses are trash
(8) the whole "free-to-play" advertising is complete trash

At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if this game tanked way before 2020 ends. 
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