Arena is a miserable experience.

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Matchmaking is completely broken. Either I get a match where I'm a solid 300 power ahead of my opponent and I steamroll them, or I'm 500 power behind my opponent, and it's not uncommon for me to not even get a single turn before I'm wiped.

Considering that Arena is the only thing you can do in this game on an unlimited basis per day, you think there would be a little more effort placed into making sure it's not a repulsive experience. The fact that there's really only one viable F2P team, and if you see Dash or Zurg on the other side of the board, you may as well just hit the auto to get things over with as soon as possible is disgusting.

I realize the game is young, but this is the type of thing that chokes a game out. I don't invest a whole lot, if any money when I first start playing, because what is given to the F2P players is indicative of how interested the devs are at making a game that is sustainable in the long term, or just getting a quick cash grab. Right now, my gut is that this looks like a quick cash grab, which is a shame, because there's a fun game here.

I guess in the end, ultimately, the Arena needs to be tightened up in terms of matchmaking, a serious rebalance of characters needs to happen so there's some semblance of being able to use a variety of teams, and F2P folks need to at least have a fair shot at getting characters. Yes, in the short term, it does mean that you might not make as much money, but you grow a player base who would be willing to spend some money, which more than makes up for a rapidly dwindling player base alienated by being asked to fork over triple digits each week to get the newest character.


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    Yup, the longer I play the more and more discouraged I become.. saddest part is is that I spent a pretty penny on the game as is. No more of that anytime soon that’s for sure
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    I absolutely agree. It's absolutely absurd the unbalanced matching this game has. If I can't afford to pay to buy new stuff every day, I shouldn't be penalized by it. I mean, I'm just having my fun, taking it one day at a time, evolving my characters as I can, but then I get matched with these lvl 3000/700** players who clearly bought their characters and their way through their respective evolution and obviously I can't win. Worse: I can't win and I can't forfeit... so I just have to stay there pretending like I'm having any fun. This just makes the game boring and makes me want to quit playing.

    Add the stability issues and it gets really annoying. 

    A related thing I find really annoying is that it even happens that sometimes you might actually get a chance at winning, but your opponent starts and gets like 7 attacks in a row before you even manage to attack one first time. OBVIOUSLY, when it's your turn, half your characters are dead, your remaining ones are close to die and then you only get to attack once your twice and then it's your opponent's turn again. Tell me how is this fun?

    Please fix this. This game is really fun and entertaining, but like this... it just gets boring and annoying and we'll all eventually stop playing and leave the game to the pay-per-win players.
  • CaiusRanaxCaiusRanax Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I also wish they would have dynamic matchmaking based on your current team, and only award you higher ranks if you deserve it.  This would allow everyone to test lower level teams for playability.  The only other way to test lower level characters is to play the boring campaigns manually. 
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