Update 12.0 - LIVE

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We are happy to announce that Update 12.0 is coming soon!

Here is what you can expect with 12.0:

Challenge a Friend or Clubmate's Sorcerer's Tournament Defense Team

Player can change their payout times 2-times every 365-days

Allow player to toggle VIP status visual 

Character Effect Icon Display updated

Elite Node attempts now show single heart w/ attempts left as a number

Locations with Bonus Loot now visible in Find Flow

VIP Request All Button

Event Towers are coming soon! Get ready for a brand-new type of event!

Grand Campaign Changes
Node 3H: Ian (Addition)
Node 5L: Monterey Jack (Addition)
Node 6G: Robin Hood (Addition)
Node 6D: Jack Skellington (Removed Monterey Jack)
Node 6E: None (Removed Jack Skellington)

Hero Elite Campaign Changes
Node 5C: Barley (formerly Sheriff of Nottingham)

Villain Elite Campaign Changes
Node 5A: Robin Hood (formerly Monterey Jack)

 We hope you enjoy Update 12.0 and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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    Scar0529Scar0529 Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    Really looking forward to this update, the event tower seems very cool. Thank you for the awesome updates and for making a super fun game!!!!
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    zaiwen3zaiwen3 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Player can change their payout times 2-times every 365-days. What does this mean?
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    Scar0529Scar0529 Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    The time that you receive your sorcerer's tournament rewards. This helps you adjust what time you get them so you can get more rewards. Say at 4pm you are rank 50 but by the time 9pm comes around you are pushed back to 55. So it allows you to make it more convenient for you to get the higher rewards. So now at 8pm you aren't having to push to get in a higher bracket befor
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