Sorcerer's Surge Event

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There is a special limited time Sorcerer's Surge event about to start! In addition to the event, there are some changes we are making to the economy as well:


·        Campaign drop rates for T4+ Gear increased

·        Premium/VIP Exchange Discounts For certain T3-T6 Gear



·        Premium Exchange Additions:

Full T5/T6 Pieces now available for purchase at the appropriate player level

·        Club Exchange Discounts:

Reduced prices on T4/T5/T6 Materials

·        4-Hour/24-Hour Chests:

Increased Gear Material Drops

·        Grand Pack:

Increase Gear Material Drops

·        Daily Summoner's Challenges:

Increase in drops for Tiers 4-6

Adjusted relative rates between types of gear

·        Loyalty Pack

Increase to T4 Material Drops

Added T5/T6 Materials as possible drops for appropriate level ranges


The Sorcerer will let you know prior to the Surge ending so you can plan accordingly.

Goodluck out there!

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