Cuzco's Poison is recruiting Lvl 40+ active players! (13 spots available)

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Club Name - Cuzco's Poison (I know his name is "Kuzco", but I made a mistake and can't edit the name anymore hahaha In my defense, Cuzco is the name of a city in Peru!)
Club Description - We are a great group of players, and we've been together since launch. I am the leader and opened up 13 sposts of inactive members. Club gifts come frequently! XD We're there to win battles but also to have fun. We always talk with each other about strategies, advice, suggestions and friendly messages. :)
Club Play-style - We're casual but fairly regular. Players inactive for 7+ days are removed.
Discord Requirement - Yes! We have a channel in UnstableGam3r's Discord (he is a co-leader in the club): If you join us, please DM me on Discord (ishtar#4102) so I can add you to the club channel!

ishtar4102, aka LillyKore
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