Villains have more Fun - Supervillianous is Recruiting!

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COME PLAY!!!!!! SuperVillainous is looking for fun individuals to join our super active and social merry band of misfits (18+). We are a club of f2p, dolphins, and whales that are competitive as a top 50 club, want to have fun and help each other, and really enjoy playing DSA.

What you can expect from joining SuperVillainous:

💵   11,650 club tokens daily

🥇  Competitive Club Conquests

🤣  Lot of fun in our Discord ( channels for both DSA and strictly social )

💎  PVP contests paid out with gem gifts

What SuperVillainous expects from you:

💥  Level 50+

💪 At least one viable team in the meta 

🤝  5 daily donations ( we do T1 mats )

⚔️  5 PvP wins daily

🏰  4+ Club dungeon attempts daily

🏆  Be present to help with Club Conquest


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