Big Hero Six Team creates negative game experience!!

DreadfyrreDreadfyrre Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
Does anyone else feel that the Big Hero Six team is OP and creates a negative game experience?
When they are 4-5 stars and winning against Gear 6, 7 star frozen teams, that is ridiculous. More stars are worse. It is no fun when the whole team goes 2 or more times each before the other team gets 1 person to go then 2-3 more of them go, by the time our team goes our team is half dead and all of them have at least one auto evade up if not 2!! It's ridiculous, the only saving grace is that not everyone has the team fully developed but it won't be long till the only team will be Big Hero Six. People complained in the past about Shan Yu but this crap makes that look like no issue at all!!

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