SICK OF THE “Frozen Arena”!!!

dexter90dexter90 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
Do the developers actually read this?? It would be nice to see them interact with these posts once in a while. Anyway, any competitive feature has come to challenging Frozen teams, period! One after another after another. This is honestly unacceptable and it sucks the fun out of the game. Devs need to address this ASAP!! They’ve ignored this over and over again. 95% of pvp and tournaments are Frozen teams. It’s a consequence of realizing that that’s the ONLY way to get ahead. A close second, the Big Hero 6 team which is becoming just as obnoxious. It’s such a cheat move, so if you don’t blow $500 a month you’re outta luck. Not everyone has the cash to get Elsa to 7 star level. Also, speed is everything in this game, all the other stuff is almost a joke. This is lazy and unprofessional, there has to be a way to mix this up so more combinations of characters can actually make more damage. Why would I want to harvest Frozone or Woody or Jack if they have no chance in hell to beat the frozen team?? That’s why everyone ends up just focusing on that and nothing else.
You introduce new characters often but most users that don’t have hundreds to blow have to focus on the characters they’ve already spent months and a bit of money building! This game needs a serious overhaul! Do something about it or have a separate category altogether for “premium” players. I get it, if you’re investing a crapload of cash you would expect to win all the time but what about the rest?
Hope you finally pay attention and address the problem. Thanks (?)


  • DreadfyrreDreadfyrre Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Well I think Big Hero 6 is starting to overtake Frozen now. Or the conglomeration teams of the best character from different sets...Elsa, Hiro, Honey Lemon, Bubbles, Gantu, Shan synergy in the combos but they are still crushing teams with synergy and the broken speed manipulation.
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