Just wanted to give yet another voice to the Frozen team is OP side.

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Currently my main team is 7 stars, tier level 7, character level 68, with a pretty good overlap of speed assists and bonuses. Yet I consistently lose to Frozen teams. Even those 10 levels lower than mine. I can usually take out one character, maybe two or three if all of my characters' "maybe" powers kick in but this is getting ridiculous.  Elsa in particular getting three attacks in a row that hit multiple characters and do more damage than most others can do to a single unit.  Sven is ridiculously hard hitting, but at least you can take him down. Elsa on the other hand just keeps taking the hits and keeps going even if you can take the taunt off Cristof. Please balance this! She should be a glass cannon, not an unstoppable juggernaut.
Chip Lundsmark 
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