The big hero team

simmiosimmio Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
The Big hero 6 team is just as OP as the frozen one. Seriously, why are they so fast! Also they are so very strong and the status effects they can cause should be reason enough to not have them always go first. Also why on earth can they inflict harmful effects on the opponents entire team, thats just not fair. Its understandable Anna in frozen can do so, because she doesn't get to go first and she doesnt automatically and randomly inflict silence on people. Shame on whoever designed that team. Also you should seriously start considering having all the teams on a similar level. Not just hype up the team that you are currently trying to sell in the shop making every old purches on older characters useless.


  • simmiosimmio Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    I vote we have that team removed from the game, the movie wasn't that good anyway so why should they get to dominate the game. I am level 64 and have 3 tier 7 and 2 tier 6 and just played a team that was level 50 all tier 6. My team lost 5 times. 

    Also why are Gantu and Cobra Bubbles better then Stich? Doesn't make sense because Stitch is much better then them in the movies.
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