Recommended changes and additions

thumperjrwthumperjrw Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Okay add Rune Nodes to the game. Let players decide how to use energy on either unlocking characters/starring them up,  spending on gear, or spending on upgrading abilities. We are already restricted on so many things. Runes not being farmable at the rate of new characters being released especially with the rune requirements going up is a huge problem and is a simple solution. Just add an alpha , beta, omega farm. Make beta as hard as getting g7 gear and omega as hard as farming g8. Problem solved.

second add live friend pvp battles. Makes tournament play actually valid and easier and allows friends to actually play and show off stuff together.

Next I will suggest character/spell change. Make sheriff passive a one turn cool down like scrooge just balances it.

Spell- Fairy slumber make it to where only primary target gets speed reduced or change the speed reduction all together. No reason one spell on moderate cool down should two turn lock a lot of teams. I love FS but it needs a change for pvp to be more balanced and fair. 

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