Princess and the frog Idea's

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Tiana: Princess, Downtown hero, Hero, Princess and the frog,           Support Princess Legendary 
Basic: Almost there!  Deal up to x amount damage to target opponent. Tiana and all flanking teammates gain 1 magic to all their spells.  
Lvl 1: Unlock this ability
Lvl 2: Gain +1 magic for Tiana and all flanking teammates spells.
Lvl 3: +50% damage dealt
Lvl 4: If Tiana crits with this attack, Tiana and all flanking teammates gain full magic in all their spells.

Special: Work Hard: Grant haste to self and Flanking teammates for 1 turns. Increase speed meter of flanking teammates by 35%
Lvl 1: Unlock This ability
Lvl 2: +1 haste duration
Lvl 3: +15% speed for Princess teammates. 
Lvl 4: Grant 1 ability magic for all abilities to 1 random Princess teammate.

Special: Man catching beignets: Cleanse all harmful effects off Tiana and all flanking teammates. Tiana and all flanking teammates gain Tactics for 1 turn. The targets gain Man Catching Beignet buff for 1 turns. (Man Catching Beignets) When ever the target is healed, they are healed for a 2nd time for the full amount that was healed. (example a target healed for 2,389 damage heals again for 2,389 damage as long as they have this buff on.)
Lvl 1: Unlock this ability
Lvl 2: 50% chance to grant Unstoppable for 1 turn to self and Flanking teammates.
Lvl 3: If the Man catching beignets buff falls off without receiving a heal from a source. the target gets 10% speed increase and haste for 1 turn.

Passive: Wishing star: Every time your opponent uses a spell, Tiana wishing on a star, then 50% chance you gain a copy of that spell and is used Immediately. Depending on what spell was used. For example ( if Conjuring cauldron was used by opponent this spell copies and now you have a cauldron like if you used that spell)  Can only copy 1 spell per characters turn. if a spell the opponent used was on a target. then the copy spell will be used on Tiana. For example ( Blue Fairy magic, Peter's Shadow, Gramma Tala, Spirit Mufasa)
Lvl 1: unlock this ability
Lvl 2: +25% chance to copy the spell the opponent last used.
Lvl 3: After a spell was copied by this spell, that spell your opponent used is now slowed down the charge rate for that spell by 10% 
Lvl 4: (Gear 8) Guaranteed to copy the spell and the spell that was copied can no longer charge for the rest of the game as long as Tiana is still on the field. 

Passive:  Dig a little deeper: On any spell used, either you or your opponent. Restore x amount health to this character and to all teammates. 
Restore 35% bonus health per downtown hero teamamte.
Lvl 1: Unlocks this ability
Lvl 2: 30% chance to grant continuous healing to downtown hero's teammates
Lvl 3: +25% health restored.

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