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So I would like a refund, my team that I spent money on has been turned into completed garbages over the past months. Its not normal spending 2 hours in the pvp and losing every battle that isn't a lower level bot. So you guys have changed the product I bought after I purchased it. There for you were selling me a fraud product. 
Its like if I buy a car and then you guys show up to cut the cut the breaks.  
So I would like to request a refund, I have spent a considerable amount of money and I will not be bullied by you to spend a buttload more just because you make my team weak. You will not force me to buy your flavour of the month team.
Is this something that is gonna be a problem to do or should I consider getting a lawyer? Because this costumer is very unhappy. I feel cheated, used and ripped of, along with a hint of being violated. 
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