Shipwreck Cove is now hiring new crewmates

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Club Name - Shipwreck Cove

Club Play-style - Hardcore

Club size - 47/50

Club Contact - Search for and Message me on discord.
Discord ID:  
Cpt.~X~ {L-Shipwreck Cove}#9435

Recommended - Please have a heroic raid team that's able to pull 200k+ damage.

Club Rules/Requirements - Must be level 70+ and have a 250,000+ Summoner Score.  Must join our Discord server and accept our rules.  Must be active and complete your dailies:   get 650 raid tickets, hit PVP 3 times a day, and 5 broom donations. Team Event Participation (Club Conquest, Club Dungeon, Towers, Raid, etc.) required as well.

Club Benefits - Heroic raids completed, max club coins each day (12,850), great communication with a well organized discord server, and we hold everyone accountable for our expectations.

Our leaders are extremely knowledgable, super friendly, and helpful with whatever questions you have.


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    Tried to find you on discord, can't seem to. Please msg at BaronHelix#5314
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