Xception (all heroic) looking for members!

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Hi everyone, we are looking for a passionate player to join our DSA Club - XCEPTION

Currently clearing Heroic SoO raids and T9 Club Expeditions (with all milestones)!

Please contact Chip #7270 or Phobia#2787 on Discord


About Us: (Est. 3-27-20) Top 20 club. Xception has been around for almost a decade, competing at high levels in multiple mobile games. We don't care if people spend or are free to play. What we're looking for is friendly people willing to put in the effort to help themselves and the Club grow.

  •  Heroic SoO and FD raids (within first 10 clubs WORLDWIDE to clear both raids on Heroic)
  • Tier 1 CC Rewards with a 66-8-10 Club Conquest Record; 29-4 in new 1v1 format
  • Average SS 470k
  • Multiple Channels for Chats/Strategies/Deck Comps/Conquest/Events
  • Max Donations/PvP club dailies
An Ideal Candidate:
  • 💪 400k+ SS with focused roster
  • 🌩️ 5+ Heroic SoO raid teams
  • 🐿️ 5+ G7 Adventurers for CE or can actively start working toward it
  • 💡Active SoO raid and Club Expedition participation
  • 🎟️1800+ Daily Ursula Raid Tickets
  • 🔤Active on Discord and In-game on a consistent daily basis (respond to discord tags/PM)
  • ⚔️Be available during Conquest
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