Bug about Horned King's Cauldron

superchrismarksuperchrismark Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
Since March update, the Horned King has now a very big bug: when King Horned evokes the cauldron, this is at zero level, so It Is immediatly eliminated by an enemy. It's a new bug, not present before.
I hope it will be fixed as soon as possibile! I have it at maximum level and I'm not winning anymore my battles as before :-(


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    WolfenstynWolfenstyn Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    I too can vouch for this bug. I had just recently got The Horned King amd when casting his black cauldron ability the cauldron starts off with 1hp practicly zero. You can restore its health but the ability description tells you the cauldron starts off with so much hp and dmg. This ability is practicly useless for the time being.
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