Gear T8 locked behind raids

enchantedroseenchantedrose Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hi! I love Sorcerer’s Arena but am frustrated that I can only access the T8 gear pieces necessary to get to Gear Tier 9 in the Olympus Raid exchange. I don’t like playing in a club with strangers, as a result my friend and I are in a two person club and cannot access the Olympic raid, can’t earn the exchange tokens and can’t get the gear pieces we need to get to tier 9. With tier 9 starting to appear more and more in PvP it’s almost impossible to win now and it’s really frustrating not being able to access the gear we need. Could you please consider making the gear pieces available in a different exchange? Thank you!

also would love to see 101 Dalmatians and Mary Poppins in the game 🙂
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