Economic Update - 5/15/2019

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Hey Summoners!

From The Devs:
We made some modifications to the overall economy to address some issues we encountered while analyzing our data. With these changes, we look forward to seeing how the community interacts with the new economy. In addition, we will also continue to monitor and adjust the economy as necessary.

With regards to the Character enhancing experience, we were unhappy with the overall time it took to get the materials as well as the lack of clear focus on which materials you need and what they do. To address this, some of these materials have been removed from the campaign maps and put into the Exchange (More details listed below). We hope this helps you understand the materials purpose and the attributes they enhance on your Character.

Because we're removing some rewards from the Adventure maps, we've gone through and increased the payouts on Coins and Level Upgrade Potions across all stages to better reward progression through the game. In the case of Level Upgrade Potions, we have adjusted the sourced amount and brought it more in line with the requirement numbers to level up Characters. Additionally, the payout ratio for Token Mode has been increased to provide a slightly higher payout than the stage's Normal Mode counterpart.

The various Exchanges have also had their contents reworked. As you progress through the game, you will notice new items showing up from higher enchantment tiers. We've also added a Premium Exchange which will be the only one which has items available for Gems. Example: when looking through the Grand Adventure Exchange, the Characters and Spells which appear there will always cost Grand Adventure currency, as compared to before where they had a chance to show up for Gems. There is, at the moment, nothing exclusive in the Premium Exchange, though we may add exclusive items to it in the future.

Crafting recipes have also been adjusted. Due to many materials being moved into the Exchanges, crafting recipes had their requirements decreased to reduce the amount of time it takes to assemble a full set of Enchantments.
Most items have been repriced in all currencies to bring them in line with new currency acquisition rates.
Ability Rune drop rates, drop quantities, and upgrade requirement quantities have also been greatly adjusted. In doing so, we have made it so you are rewarded more runes as you progress through the Grand Adventure.

Summoner Challenges have all been adjusted because of all the above:
    - "Earn Level Upgrade Materials" and "Earn Gold Coins" challenges will have their rewards modified to account for the changes made to payouts in the Adventure Battles rewards.
    - "Earn Ability Upgrade Materials" will go from dropping only 1 ability rune to you potentially getting all 3 ability runes in a single attempt, so long as you have reached a tier that has all 3 ability runes available.
    - For the three Enchantment related challenges, they no longer reward full tier pieces and instead reward crafting materials from that tier.

Additionally, when multiple tiers are available as possible rewards for a challenge, a payout from each tier will occur. This unfortunately had to change due to the speed at which players were acquiring high level enchantment pieces, which was unintended.

Due to the large number of changes, we made the decision to not adjust your current inventory levels. There is going to be an adjustment period and some initial confusion, but as always, constructive feedback from the community is greatly appreciated as we continue to try and build a fun and enjoyable game for everyone as we move toward World Wide Launch.

Thank you everyone for your passion and continuous feedback!

TL;DR – This economic revision reduces the amount of time required to upgrade a character

1. Remove binders from campaign mode and put them into the Exchange

 There are 7 Primary enchantment types:

Offense (O), Defense (D), Health (H), Recovery (R), Attack Speed (AS), Crit Chance (CC), and Crit Power (CP)


There are 5 binder types, that each correspond to 1 or 2 enchantment types.

Binder Locations -

a.       Daily – Primary (D), Secondary (H/R/CC/CP)

b.       Grand Adventure – Primary (D), Secondary (H/R/CC/CP)

c.       Arena – Primary (O), Secondary (AS/D)

d.       Club – Primary (O), Secondary (AS/D)

e.       Tower – Primary (D), Secondary (H/R/CC/CP)


2.  Crafting recipes:

Binders = Fairy's Breath, Brooms, Droplets, Searing Needles, Sharp Coral, Lil' Lightning, Rose Thorn, and Sea Urchin Spine...


3.  Removed Gem purchasable items from current Exchange stores and put them into a Gems only Exchange section

4.   Adjusting Summoner Challenge Rewards

             a.       Coins – Reduce payout to coincide Coin earning in campaign

             b.        Training Potions – Reduce payout amount to coincide earning in campaign

              c.       Enchantment Pieces – Remove full enchantment gear and insert only parts

              d.       Ability Mats – Increase number of materials dropped to coincide with change in Ability upgrade changes

                              i.  At the appropriate tiers, you can potentially earn all 3 ability mat types in a single attempt

5.   Exchange Spell Locations

              a.       Grand Adventure – Meteor (Exclusive), Poison Apple, Snowgies, Mortal Portion

              b.       Arena – Enchanted Mirror (Exclusive), Zap (Exclusive), Sugar Rush, Infinity Sided Die

              c.       Club – Trigger, Sleep, Cauldron, Dynamite

              d.       Tower – Shadow Clone, Golden Hammer, Clock Tower


We hope you enjoy it! Please be sure to leave us all your constructive feedback in the thread below. Thank you!

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    Note - your Exchanges will look normalized when the next refresh happens :) 
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  • JillathiaJillathia Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    I like the changes. I felt that the crafting aspect disappeared once I got high enoughlevel that I could do the top summoners challenge every day and rich enough in different currencies to buy enchantments.  I rarely had to build anything. I like that we are going to have to go back to actually strategizing what materials to get to be able to create the enchantments and then use them. I think that’s an important aspect of the game.

     That being said, I will be incredibly frustrated very quickly if I don’t have a better overview of my inventory . So I am putting a suggestion in for an inventory management system, and I hope it can come fast :-) 

    Doubling for the cost of leveling up a star was less exciting. It was also not mentioned in these patch notes. It remains to be seen if there is enough gold upgrade in the hero and villain adventures to offset the double cost, but I was already very far behind in keeping up with my stars before everything became doubly expensive.  The chance at 500,000 gold was also removed from summoner’s challenge. So overall it feels like it’s going to be harder to get gold, and things are going to cost a lot more.  

    The positive side is that we can continue to collect tokens until we get to what would be the max, and the system is robust enough to recognize that, and send them to the seven star Bazaar currency instead.  But it is a bit frustrating to see how many characters could have more stars if I simply had the gold for it. 
  • ReapersFuryXReapersFuryX Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    Overall I think it was a good update :) . A lot of balancing, some things much easier to attain now. We were told in advance which was great, and everything is clearly explained... except character changes (again....we noticed the change to jasmine btw). Gold will become a bottleneck, but I've become used to that in these types of games.

    A+ for a nice detailed patch notes, as well as the insight to why the decision was made! I'd just like to stress again, PLEASE list any and all changes to characters, even something the debs don't feel is a big deal. 
  • bumble2beebumble2bee Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    The shadow gold cost increase was not needed as we are already hurting on gold. I have a good 10-15 characters that could get a star up but can’t afford to do it if I want a 7 star jasmine and genie. 

    The crafting isn’t horrible for those of us who have stockpiled from challenges. Not sure how well it will be for new players who will have to chose between the items or character tokens due to the high costs in shops. 

    The gem shop prices are absurd. No player in their right mind is spending 4K gems on 20 tokens. 

    Buff hades. And yes I saw that nerf to Jasmine:(
  • ReapersFuryXReapersFuryX Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    Also speed was changed for hopes and calhoun. I really don't understand what the issue is with announcing changes. You will never build trust or good rapport with the community if we can't have the basic courtesy of being told "hey, we changed something some of you are paying to get/build"
  • MeatheadMilitiaMeatheadMilitia Registered Users, Administrator, Moderators, Member, Moderator 462 Posts
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    Thanks for all the feedback! I look forward to your 3-day and 7-day feedback once you've experienced the changes more, for better or worse :) 

    Also, as far as these "Shadow Updates" go, we have not touched Calhoun or Hops unless you're referring to the previous update we talked about. 

    We have double checked and nothing has changed in this update. 

    If you feel this is inaccurate, please submit a ticket with screenshots and information, but know our back end game data has not been changed since the previous update :) 

    In addition, since Jasmine is not currently obtainable, we are still tweaking her, we do not feel that it's necessary to mention changes to characters that aren't available yet. But thank you for noticing :) 
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  • JillathiaJillathia Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    Yesterday, I got a 5 star Genie and, after giving him tier 6 and level 4 skills, I was only able to level him to 48. All that costs significant gold, and now I am broke. That was a big letdown after working hard for him all month. I am also in no position to start levelling whatever characters will be necessary to use for next month’s passholder or my main characters in the game.

    Tomorrow is Sunday with another round of gold summoner’s challenge. If I get very lucky and hit 66k each time, I would get 198k gold. I need 192k to level Genie from 48 to 52. By Monday, I will get to level 53 and then I will need 50000+ per main character to level to 53. Next Saturday is June 1st and will bring with it a new passholder event.

    I am concerned about my motivation for the game.

    I love so much about this game: the nostalgia, the characters, your graphics and animation. I love the kick when I accomplish a goal. But @MeatheadMilitia my 7-day feedback is that the last week has chipped away at my desire to continue. I have 18 characters who are waiting for a star-up because I had to save my gold for Jasmine and Genie. And then I couldn’t even finish Genie.

    It is starting to feel like a chore. My husband was in the double gold A/B tier and has had this problem longer than I have. He never got to experience feeling like he was on top of the game, like I did.  And he told me last night that he is probably going to stop playing. That will certainly not help my motivation either.

    We aren’t the kind of people you want to drive away. We are 40+ year old professionals with a strong nostalgic connection to these Disney characters and the money to invest in something we love. We are also the kind of people who focus on the positives, give second chances and try to offer constructive feedback. 

    So if your games changes and lack of communication acknowleding the growing frustrations of your playerbase result in the loss of the kind of people that the devs need as the backbone of the community, it’s time to reevaluate a bit.  No one expects Beta to go perfectly. «Oops, we tweaked gold a bit too hard - we’re going to run tests for another week and then make a new change. Stick with us» would be perfectly acceptable. But let your testers help you help yourselves. Keep us informed and acknowledge our frustrations.

    Transparency, transparency, transparency 😀

  • JillathiaJillathia Registered Users, Member 31 Posts

    Case in point, if you want to check your logs, you will find that today in all 3 gold summoner’s challenges, I got the lowest amount: 22200. That means I only scored enough gold to level 1 single main character when I get level 53 later today or tomorrow.

    The disappointment for that is huge. I no longer want to level up. You’ve effectively shot yourself in the foot when it comes to why people play the game. One of my guild mates yesterday commented that she no longer knew what to do in the game. She couldn’t progress with her high levels because she didn’t have the gold, she couldn’t start new characters because she had to hamster her gold, and she couldn’t be bothered to grind for other resources because what use would they be in such a choked economy? If you have taken away your players’ desire to progress and muffled their direction which in turn creates a desire to spend time in the game, you have a very serious problem.

    It’s time to call in an emergency staff meeting, make some tough decisions and make a statement to your community. 😀
  • ReapersFuryXReapersFuryX Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    The changes were far too extreme, and I'd like to know what the thought process was. I understand wanting to slow down progression, but that was already done by moving certain items out of adventure and into the exchange only. In a single update, you guys made gold basically impossible to get for the amounts we need, plus enchantment items harder to get.. and even made some of them cost gold that was already taken by so many other sources.

    In a full week, we don't get enough gold for a single character, let alone enough for our 3-person arena team, the event character, and any we may need for campaign. 

    To put it simply... you guys went way too tight on the bottleneck. Please take the feedback and push a balance change
  • MeatheadMilitiaMeatheadMilitia Registered Users, Administrator, Moderators, Member, Moderator 462 Posts
    Thank  you for letting us know your thoughts on your experience with the Economy, I will be sure to relay that information to the team. 
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