Update - 5/29/2019

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Character Changes

Horned King

Rise Cauldron Born!

Level 4 now has summoned Cauldron Born finding a better initial location.



Level 4 now properly deals the intended amount of damage.

Tinker Bell

Reckless Sass

Now properly always deals damage.


Send Out the Troops

Clarified the description to reference "actions" instead of simply "attacks" for the Green Army Men. It is intended that they perform either X actions, whether bandaging allies or attacking an opponent.

Sheriff of Nottingham

Team Up

Corrected an issue where the synergy damage being inflicted through Continuous Damage by the Trigger Tower was substantially higher than intended.

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  • wombat90wombat90 Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    Thanks for the notes and update.
    This is great 😊.
    keep on the good work!

  • ReapersFuryXReapersFuryX Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    Perfect! Even if its just bug fixes, a nice clear list. Very happy to see this!  :)
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