Content Update 6/3/2020 - NOT LIVE YET

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"Time's Running Out":

Now expires after 4 turns (up from 2 turns)

Now decrements its remaining time to expire by both the affected Character taking a turn or receiving a Harmful effect

Increased expiry damage by 33%

May now be spread by Madam Mim's "Withering Seep" ability

"Just Getting Warmed Up":

Now activates with 30% chance (up from 15%)

Now has a 1-Turn Magic Charge (down from 3)

May now activate based upon any Villain OR "Aladdin" franchise teammate attacking an opponent with any ability

Reduced initial damage by 42%

Increased Continuous Damage to 50% of initial damage (up from 25%)


One "Health" Gear has been replaced with "Offense" for all Tiers

Base Stats are now as follows:

Offense: 47 (up from 42)

Defense: 15 (down from 25)

Health: 252 (down from 360)

Speed: 100 (up from 90)



Base Health gained from Jasmine increased to 75% (up from 25%)

Base Defense gained from Jasmine increased to 100% (up from 20%)

Base Offense gained from Jasmine increased to 150% (up from 75%)


"Cosmic Power":

Deals 50% additional damage per bolt for each prior bolt that successfully damaged the opponent.

Now calls all allied Genies to assist.

"Hat Trick":

Now applies (if able) the opposite Helpful effect for each Harmful effect that is transferred to an opponent.

"Friend Like Me":

Now applies Invincibility to the saved ally until the current turn ends.



Anna’s special “This Way Guys” level 2 now applies haste

Madm Mim's "Vile Venom" No longer deals increased damage for Purging a helpful effect off an opponent.

Tower VIP Auto Complete unlocks at tower unlock now

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  • ElsaJeanElsaJean Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    Idk if this fixes things because Jasmine is going to make Shan Yu teams even better now, but I think it's good that you're trying to buff/nerf things because right now every player either uses the same 10 units or has a bad team and it's pretty boring for us players.

    Currently 80-90% of units might as well not be in the game because they are bad in every situation and it'd be great to see them buffed before lots of new units are added that will make the balance even worse.
  • Synister0804Synister0804 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Dont know why this says not live - the jasmine updates at least have been live since Saturday or earlier! Did they stealth nerf aladdins speed too??
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