More Energy(Plus more suggestions)

I think there needs to be more energy when its filled up because 22 energy is not enough and its irritating when the project is only 1 hour long! Also there needs to be more opportunities or ways to get more energy, more than just leveling up and clicking on things in hopes of getting energy. I think you should be able to sleep or sit to regain some energy.

Also, there needs to be more paparazzi and celebrity characters. Its rare you run into paparazzi and that is something that really helps. Plus, put some nice celebs on there that are willing to talk to a D-List celeb. Like its fun to have the mean ones and look like the victim but having an A-list celeb that maybe offers to take you under their wing and teach you stuff would be so cool!


  • grelegrele Registered Users 73 Posts
    Your energy rises with your level...
    And you dont need to stuck in studio and waiting ro recharge... Go out and gain it...
    Just with waiting you want be able to finish 24 or 48 hours job with 5 stars
  • wacamoewacamoe Registered Users 61 Posts
    As a further hint on how to gain energy quicker during projects....if you run out of energy, just by picking up other objects that are on the ground you will decrease your energy timer by 5 seconds each time. :)
    happy gaming
  • zilloxzillox Registered Users 8 Posts
    go out as soon as you run out of energies... tap the trash cans or birds, they could give extra energies.
    and when you have enough, you can go back to the studio
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