Same sex dating.

It would be cool if we could date either both female and male characters in the game.


  • GlamazonGlamazon Registered Users 498 Posts
    I know you can date either in Stardom: A-List, but I haven't gotten far enough to confirm if you can in Hollywood.
  • Cristaline2308Cristaline2308 Registered Users 8 Posts
    Personally, I can date both. ;)
  • EmleeeeEmleeee Registered Users 3 Posts
    Glamazon wrote: »
    I know you can date either in Stardom: A-List, but I haven't gotten far enough to confirm if you can in Hollywood.

    I've been able to flirt with both sexes, so I assume you can date either.
  • zilloxzillox Registered Users 8 Posts
    yes you can date both sexes! i did it, it worked too :)
  • aquakateaquakate Registered Users 2 Posts
    i can't flirt with the girls! it's annoying. . i could date the girls b4, but after i updated the game, it was crashed, i need to reinstall it but i became E list again, well i was #1 A-list before . any1 can help me?
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    I actually had to date the same sex for that 'C-list or higher' dating quest because I couldn't find anyone else... so it's possible haha
  • iNicoleiNicole Registered Users 4 Posts
    You can do that in Stardom: Hollywood. It's just extremely rare to find someone like that in Stardom, but it's possible.
  • PaddyPaddy Registered Users 19 Posts
    You can only date people that you flirted with when you met them the very first time, but the sex of the other person is not relevant for dating. If you 'guess their names', then you can only do movies with those people, dating is no longer an option. So, you definitely have to 'flirt'! If there is no option to 'flirt' with a person that you don't know yet, then you can always cancel the conversation and come back every couple of minutes. Eventually the option to 'flirt' will come up as well and you can get their number for dating. Be careful though! After a while the other person might be gone so don't forget to really come back in time.
  • SporkyBethSporkyBeth Registered Users 46 Posts
    Oh, yeah, you can definitely date both sexes in this game. My character is female, and I was almost engaged to a girl once, except I was busy and missed a date and she broke up with me because I didn't have enough stars to charm her into staying. Now I'm married to a guy.

    I flirted with anyone who wasn't an actor who had that option, regardless of their gender (I wanted to keep actors as business associates, if possible). I think it's nice that this game gives you that option, if you choose to use it.
  • Avilawesley7Avilawesley7 Registered Users 365 Posts
    Yes you can date somebody from the same date because I did it
  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    It sometimes has a flirt option for the same gender, sometimes it won't though.
    Beware the green Indian soda, seriously...
  • Avilawesley7Avilawesley7 Registered Users 365 Posts
    Yep and or when you go to a reataurant you can go to a date with the same sex
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