Marry? (but still dating a friend)

So I broke up with everyone except for one guy (who is a real life friend from Gamecenter). When I try to break up with him, it says that the player is gone (so i can't break up with him). Does this prevent me from marrying my fiance?


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    H4LfAd1MEH4LfAd1ME Registered Users 3 Posts
    okay i broke up with my friend from game center, but now i still have hearts leftover from my previous broken up relationships. Meaning i have hearts with my ex's but we're broken up (have broken hearts). Does anyone know if that matters? I am over 2300 with my relationship with my fiance but he still hasn't said anything about marrying.
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    Charrmander93Charrmander93 Registered Users 654 Posts
    Starnews announces the wedding and Charlene should call you about planning.
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