I WANT to be #1

Just a quick question to see if anyone has experienced the same during game play. Being new to the game (first month) I was unaware of how friends work in the game but decided to add everyone who had posted in the last while (wanting Game Center friends). I still don't understand the benefit for in game friends other then some experience for saying "hello". Here is comes.... I wanted to be #1 in the game to see if it would effect anything (#11 with almost 70 million fans) so I unfriended everyone (nothing personal) however its been days and they still show up in game and my ranking has not changed? Any thoughts please advise.



  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Okay for adding friends, the benefits are giving gifts to each other as well as having more people to Co-star with. If you fill up the co-star meters you can get good rewards.

    To be #1 you need to have a lot more fans than 70M. The maximum is 125M fans and that is a guaranteed #1. The friends don't really affect your progress and ranking. Even if all of your friends have 125M, in your game you get top priority and get #1. So just get to 125M fans and you will be #1.

    As for the unfriending part, that still has yet to be resolved. They will not be your game center friends anymore but will still appear on your friends list.
  • Charrmander93Charrmander93 Registered Users 654 Posts
    More to Shiro,
    You are able to complete achievements through Game Center and your game with using your friends as co stars, meaning you'll get cash and stars if you complete them.

    If you want to remove friends you need to do it through Game Center then reinstalling your game.
  • MRohanchukMRohanchuk Registered Users 10 Posts
    ....you had me at Stars! I will resume playing with friends. Thanks for all the info, much appreciated!
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