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Have you ever noticed that there are no stores just restaurants? Where do we buy our clothing, our closet? I don't know anyone who buys there clothes from There own closet. That's why I think there should be a mall on stardom. To add on to my other thread hanging out with your friends, the mall would be a great place to hangout! You could also go On dates in the mall too. You could buy clothes in the mall too! You could get more fans by which store you shop at, a pricy store or a cheap store.


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    Ya and you could film commercials for stores to get more fans
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    Hadfies wrote: »
    Ya and you could film commercials for stores to get more fans
    Ya great idea hadfies!
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    I think if they opened up some of the buildings that would help. This idea has been floating around already but I'm glad it is popular enough to come back! :)

    But I personally would not want to walk everywhere to get clothes, but maybe it is because I've been playing Stardom long enough to be spoiled by that haha! The realism would definitely be up there for the clothing stores, and each could sell different stuff with different prices, location determining price. For the mall, there would need to be more room, so hopefully implementing more places will make that happen!
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    I like the store idea as well as the commercials! Good thinking hadfiee and hadfies.
    Beware the green Indian soda, seriously...
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    Thanks for your feedback;)
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    Loved the idea
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