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I chose to wait the 24 hours for the Vegale film in sam francisco. In the meantime I picked an hour role to film. Read the script in Max's office and realized the studio is Golden Gate. I have been waiting now almost 2 days to get the call for the Vegale film. What do i do?!


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    I've had the same issue. Right now, you can't do anything. I emailed Glu support and they responded that they will forward the issue to the design team for future updates. As of right now, they don't have a solution for us.
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    I feel so bad for you.....:( I noticed Max called me and offered some Golden Gate films even though I hadn't unlocked San Fran at that time. A weird mistake! Thank god, I did not accept the roles I noticed were from Golden Gate! Glu will hopefully fix it all soon. ;)
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    Response Via Email (Yasamin) 09/07/2013 04:53 PM
    Thank you for your feedback and report. I have submitted this as a bug report to the programming team to investigate for possible inclusion in future updates. I'm sorry to say that at this time I do not have a solution for you. Thank you for your patience while we investigate.

    With that being said it looks like they may not even fix it for the next update. And who knows when a new update will even be, considering this one just happened!!

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    They will be fixing all issues right away, well I'd be shocked if they don't as they are affecting 90% of players. But my guess is next month which is an awfully long time. Seeing as we are all lossing fans due to their fault
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    If you go into your game now, and go to the airport, San Francisco has now been unlocked. There's no notification or call from our agent or anything like that, but it is now unlocked and you can continue where you left off.
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    I had the same thing where I waited 24 hours for Vegale, but had to talk do studio head. Meanwhile I got a call for another movie at SF. Took it and when you go to talk to studio guy there are three choices. I accidentally picked the wrong one and since I hadn't gone to agents office I guessed my way through and picked come back later instead of start movie now. Exit studio and the go back in. Now there is two options and since I knew not to pick Vegale I picked the other one and talked to the studio guy.
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