Since acting is your career near the end of the game unless you are on the F and E list, your characters should be able to unlock hobbies at the C list. You know that acting will be your career but, why can't your character play a sport? Maybe your character loves fashion and wants to sew, or maybe they want paint, or cook? There are endless possibilities. Lets see what glu will come up with
Let's do This!


  • goatluver20goatluver20 Registered Users 60 Posts
    Sounds cool :)
  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    That sounds great!
    Beware the green Indian soda, seriously...
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    whoah double post! x3

    Yes I totally agree. Now that there's an art store in SF, I can hopefully fulfill my dreams to be an artist :D
  • mysticmystic Registered Users 233 Posts
    Would be amazing
    apart from acting and dating we need hobbies
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  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    It would be a cool way to implement different personalities of stars/starlets. As atm we all have the same personality but just looks different lol!

    Like you could have creative for art lovers. Intellectual for those who like to write etc. I don't mean anything too technical like Sims lol. Just have it as another way for our names to be known. For example; When we do something related to the hobby and it's announced on star news, it could say something like "Blah blah got creative and showed us her/his artistic side by doing such and such." That kinda thing.

    Another great suggestion Bluebird :)
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    I remember in the beginning of the game, when Arnie asked if I wanted to be famous, the options were "I want to be a star!" or "I want to be an artist!"

    I remember choose "I want to be an artist!" instead xD
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