Quest Ideas

Haven't suggested in awhile so thought I make some more quest idea. If any idea has already been said credit goes to person who thought of it first.

Hosting the awards ceremony
The star awards is around the corner and they need a fresh new celebrity to host it. Your agent calls you to let you know you're up for the picking. You either accept or decline. Your rival is also in the drawing of people you want to host it do you both compete to grab the job. This quest would happen once in awhile to spice things up. Similar to when you see your costars in the streets and they offer you a role in a movie but would happen a little more often than that.
Accept Offer
You meet with the head coordinator and do a short practice run of what you'd do as a host and based on your performance star wise you either land the gig or you get scrapped for someone else. During the awards show it starts off as some sort of musical. You get to be in the opening act and you show girls are behind you dancing(not generated characters, the ones that are part of the background darkened out) Afterwards you can do just like the current star hosts do such as announcing the nominees and who won. You can also present a lifetime achievement award to someone.
Decline Offer
Your rival ends up landing the role and you have to endure the ceremony with rival sneaking in a few jobs about you and your acting talents. Star news reports about the awards and comments on host and what went down.
The awards ceremony goes on like usual and you get a random generated host.

Walk of fame
You're invited down to a special event you have no clue what as your agent wants to surprise you. When you arrive you see all these flashing cameras and people around like you would at the star awards. The presenter presents you with your own star to add amongst the many you see on the ground like the irl walk of fame. An extension could be added on to los angeles like the coat area so you can always visit your star if you want to take a look at it. Or if that's too complicated for the devs, they can throw it in your trophy tab.


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Cool ideas! :D

    So well thought out, very nice :]
  • mysticmystic Registered Users 233 Posts
    Really great ideas , i loved them
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  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    I've actually thought of how cool it would be to host the Star Awards! The Walk of Fame is also a great one. Awesome ideas!
    Beware the green Indian soda, seriously...
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