Question about adding friends?

Hello Starlets!! So far no one on my Game Center or Facebook plays this game, so I am thinking of adding some. The thing I would like to know is how do friends work in your game play? Will I meet less in game people? Do you do films with them? And do the up your percentage of fans, though I seem to have maxed out again at 143.8 mil. I read that if you add someone and your not fond of them, or they stop playing even if you delete them on Gc you are stuck with them in the game? Also what kind of interaction do you have with Gc friends in the game? Thank you for you help, 😃


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Okay lets see if I can answer all your questions xD

    -You can call your friends to co-star with them. Filling up the Co-star meter gets you rewards like XP, Cash, Energy, and Stars.
    - You will not meet less people in the game :] Your friends will start appearing in the game but it wont affect how many people you meet. It also wouldn't matter because you mainly meet people to co-star. You will always run into love interests lol.
    - Yes, you do films with them and can co-star with them as I stated above :0
    - They do not gains you fans. If you're not maxed out on fans, that's the max fans xD
    - Yeah they do stick around in your list. :\ It's meh but that's how it goes.
    - You can gift your friends with clothing, but they can cost cash and stars.

    Hope that helps :]
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