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This has been mentioned briefly all around the forums, but I wanted to make its own post on it. :)
This is all for fun and most likely will not be implemented.

The calendar system would greatly enhance, well, a lot of things about the game. This calendar system is similar to the system in Harvest Moon, where there can be about 15 days per season, 24 hour clock, and one minute in-game would be the equivalent of a second in real life (during game play).

For Stardom, obviously there will need to be more days and months than Harvest Moon as the Stardom game runs on the clock even when not playing the game. If it had a similar calendar to real life where there is 12 months, 24 hour clock, and seconds to minutes I cannot say for sure because I am terrible at math, it would make the Stardom world much more realistic.

Filming would be much more believable, as no production ever puts out a movie in 24 hours. I know it is a game, and 24 hours is reasonable for the gameplay, but in the movie-making world, it should be 1-2 or more MONTHS to make a movie of the sizes we have been filming (except for maybe the live on stage; that makes no sense either way because why would you want to be up on stage for 24 hours?!). So a 24 hour movie would be the equivalent of a couple months in game. Also, there are always those specific months that -big- movies like to come out in real life, so why not Stardom? Maybe the projects you get from your agent will have bigger pay during the summer than in the spring for example. Something like that.

Holidays were also incorporated with the help of Keia. This includes holidays like Christmas, anniversaries, halloween, etc if they were implemented. Yes they would come more frequently, but maybe the game could just have a few pieces of holiday stuff release with the in-game calender, and when the actual holidays come in real life, they could be implemented with a lot more limited-time stuff. This way if you do miss a holiday for that one piece of clothing you couldnt afford at the time, it will come around sooner than one entire year and you would at least have something festive to wear. Anniversaries would mainly just have rewards. Also for fun, if pregnancy was implemented, you would have to wait nine in-game months for your child to er born, maybe each month having a bigger baby bump each time. Of course this would probably go a lot faster than most people would desire, but this is based for people who constantly play and not open the game once in a while.

The enviornment would also have changes, but for the calendar, maybe just for day and night. I would not add holiday decorations or weather because that should be for when the real holidays arise. Why would I suggest neglecting the in-game holidays? Because without them, for one, we wont lose the feel of the holiday and two, because it would not really change much for the in-game. Unless it isnt much of a problem for the dev teams to implement weather to change frequently according to Stardom time, then that should only be implemented during real-time. Day and night would still be nice, and it even may require sleep (I know there is a post somewhere out there about this...) so it would be an opportunity for more energy every, night.

Everyone's Stardom game could also be synced up to run at the same time. So if they implement things like reporting other friend's movies or news and whatnot (there is a post out there about this too...) it would have a date and time than just -being released three hourse after filming-, which is highly unrealistic. Also, certain goals could possibly only occur during certain months at certain levels.

Actions would also be so much more realistic... At least in Stardom time. Who else can play pool at Wasted three times in a row within 10 seconds? So even though there would be no change for us, three pool games at Wasted could be the equivalent of a few minutes in Stardom-time, which would be much more accurate.

So these are just a few ideas that I wanted to share. Also, sorry if I could not link certain posts, as I am not on a computer to easily do that. Also I apologize if my ideas are jumbled, as again, I am not on a computer to easily type this out. I may edit later or you can add it down in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this idea (or not lol).


  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    I LOVE this idea. It seems like it would be perfect for the game.
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  • mysticmystic Registered Users 233 Posts
    Love it !
    what the game exactly need , they should also have breaks during 24/48 films if we wanted to date or do somthing else.
    there is somthing that kept annoying me about the game which is the timed quests(film 3 action movies in a week ) or sudden projects (the vegas onc , haven't done it yet) that you would have to film on the spot . They should notify us and giving us the option whether or not we want to start it now.
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  • KeiaKeia Registered Users 423 Posts
    Great Idea! I remember playing Club penguin and every hoilday the bulding was decorated the whole place was decorated even some of the place inside was decorated and they had festival and stuff so fun! They might add in a new place for the hospital so we can have our baby. Ugh I hate the time quest it stress me out so much! I made a post about postponing the movie or giving more time. Like maybe pay your agent to give you more time to finish a quest. I love the idea of having a break when doing movie
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  • A2J3A2J3 Registered Users 124 Posts
    Outstanding ideas and job!:cool:
  • BlincolnBlincoln Registered Users 55 Posts
    I love all of these ideas except for the filming, although it would be more realistic to film it for 1-2 months as you said it is just a game but it will get boring only being able to shoot 1 film for that amount of time. I think the time should be kept the same and as others have said have a break half way or ask your agent for longer
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Blincoln, the filming would still be exactly the same, the 1, 3, 8, 24, and 48 hour movies would still take 1, 3, etc hours in real life. Nothing different. Unless filming 24 hour movies in general is boring, which is a valid reason. It would only be the in-game time that would differ and be more realistic, and if implemented, you probably wouldn't even notice it much. If you think it should be kept the same, than everything else I've listed about the Calendar System wouldn't work either. :0 Hopefully that cleared up my filming point.

    As for the breaks, I'm not sure how it works in real life, but I guess if you paid, that could work. But a lot of productions have a fixed deadline, and once the deadline is over, the official shooting ends and the rest is off set for the other components of the movie. So again, maybe if you paid. I agree it would be a nice relief, but unrealistic. But hey, this calendar/realism idea is just a fun idea that will probably never be implemented anyways :D
  • BlincolnBlincoln Registered Users 55 Posts
    Yeah I totally understand it now just got the wrong end of the stick, sorry!
  • Avilawesley7Avilawesley7 Registered Users 365 Posts
    Plz add this to the game this is good
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