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Heyy everyone! I havent been on here since forever and I thought I come up with an idea. If this has already been said im just bringing it back up. Since the Pantaloon Nouveaux(I wonder if thats french :/ ) has been open wouldnt be cool if we can desing some clothes with him and get tons of fans for it? And it also been mention somewhere in the suggestion make our own frangence it probably sound silly since we cant smell it. So tell what you think.
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  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    There is an actual goal about your own perfume line, its not just a suggestion! Yep this is an ancient suggestion but still a good and fun one :)
  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    There is the perfume goal, but it's really not too fun. Fun idea. By the way Pantaloons Nouveaux is French. :)
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  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    It certainly is French. It means new pantaloons in English. Pantaloons being a tight-fitting men's trousers/pants :)

    It would be cool if that goal was more indepth :)
  • Avilawesley7Avilawesley7 Registered Users 365 Posts
    Design our clothes it will be great and we should donated to the beginners
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