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How do you get into abreto office


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    You need to speak to Jean-Luc Girdard at Sailaway Studios in Cannes, who will introduce you to Alberto Lamour, only if you complete a trilogy of films called Digital Desire. After you have completed the 3 films, Jean-Luc Girdard will ask you to do one more film called L'amour Lamour!

    Once you have completed L'amour Lamour! You will be able to access Alberto Lamour's Boutique & meet him. :)
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    Its in Cannes you have to do some films it goes with a quest. Once you finish the films you can get inside the shop. but once you talk to the man and leave the store you cant go back inside..Two ladies had fix up a websit and did amazing job on it. Heres the websit for a better understanding
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    I was on my second project to the 3-part movie thing. Then one day Jean-luc called me and said "we couldn't get to the third project sorry" I dont know what for , and I dont know why. I have no idea what to do now :(
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    That is very odd. Did you take too long or not do well on the projects? This may have affected your results.

    If you couldn't complete this, it means you don't get Morilaglu's dress.
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