Hey there!

I have a question: how does the co-star thing work? One of my goals is to read the script for this horror-movie for Supercool with Drew Cutestory (I believe that's his name) but there's no script and I also don't know him, in the sense that he's not in my friendlist or the starranking.
Does anybody know how to make some progress on this quest?


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    Drew Cutestory is the assistant director that you audition for every time you are about to film something. Go to Supercool Studios to see what your options are.
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    Ah okay, thanks!
    I went to Supercool and nothing was going on, but coincidentally I have to do the horror movie for halloween in Supercool, maybe I can figure out what's happening after that.

    I thought this co-star thing started when I met someone random (at least not as part of a quest) in a restaurant and he asked me whether I'd like to co-star on his movie. Is that possible?
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Co-starring can consist of both. Usually, you will add either an AI contact or a friend to co-star with you while you are filming. This gives you rewards.

    Sometimes you will have contacts in game that ask you to help them out with a project.
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