Hi Glu creators
I was just wondering if you could put a pause on this game because its really hard to keep up with it when there is 48 hours movies. I also have a life and school and I'm 13 in 8th grade and I'm in the smart class so that's a lot for me. I know it's my choice to play the game and I love it I just think people would appreciate a pause. Thank you very much for reading.


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    First of all, don't expect to see glu creators here. This is a forum hosted by the creators, but it's essentially run by the community :]

    The game being real-time is probably the biggest factor of the gameplay. Pausing the game would essentially kill the game, as it mimics actually living in the game and filming in the time you are given. While this would be wonderful for many reasons (like life), it would make the game far too easy to play and it wouldn't even be a challenge at all. We all have lives and playing is just fine, but of course once you get a little more successful in the game, it requires a little more commitment and devotion to the game.

    So I don't see this happening anytime ever for this game and any real-time freemium games. The point is real-time, not pause and come back until you can. Hope this gives a little more understanding as to why this wouldn't work (even though it would be awesome). :]
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