Happy Stardom: Hollywood Anniversary!

Hello Stars and Starlets! :3

While this isn't the exact day that Stardom: Hollywood came out, this is the exact month it came out last year! :3

So just to celebrate this "one year anniversary" month, I want you all to list 28 different things about Stardom! Things about you, things that you like, dislike, achievements, things you're proud of, etc. It will be fun to read all of your Stardom personalities, thoughts, and Stardom life!! :P
Here's my 28 things, then I would love to see all of your 28 different things!

My starlet's name is Shiro :D
2. I've been playing since day one of Stardom: Hollywood :]
3. I admit to have spent some money on this game...
4. I have not changed my natural appearance (with the exception of pictures and stuff) since day one :]
5. I love my striped leggings and ruby slippers to death
6. I'm still with Arnie and have never been represented by Max!
7. So far I have 7 Best Actress Awards :]
8. I only have 3 Supporting Best Actress Awards :\
9. I am still only level 25 because I have been focusing on logging for the wiki :]
10. I wish Stardom: Hollywood had parties and entourages!
11. I am currently a widow thanks to contact wipes! :<
12. My favorite houses I own are Headley Mansion and Starlight Condos! :]
13. My favorite pets are Mr. Tinkles and Heddy :3
14. My game freezes a lot -.-
15. I love to date at Cecil's Castle!
16. I am on the A-List with 200M fans!
17. I'm a Magical Morphing Ninja Spy for my GC friends xD
18. I am a MERB and have all the engagement rings!
19. I'm crossing my fingers for a relationship update! :3
20. Thanks to this game, I found this wonderful community! :3
21. The music in Hollywood isn't as good as The A-List :<
22. We need more bugs fixed in this game!!!
23. I love my purple scarf from the christmas update! ;P
24. I hope we see some more awesome updates this year!
25. I also hope customer service will be more responsive :[
26. My best stardom friend is SamuraiPizzaCat!
27. While Stardom is awesome, yes I do play other games and have a life xD
28. I loooooooooooooove Stardom! :P
Well there's my 28 things about my Stardom life! :3 I hope to see you guys post your 28 things!!

Happy Stardom!!


  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    It's been one heck of a year! We love it! Eagerly awaiting where it will take us next :D
    There's 28 things about Samurai ~ See what I did there :P

    1. My starlet's haircut! It's become her trademark plus no one on my contacts uses it xD
    2. This community! I dunno where I or my starlet would be without you awesome bunch of guys and dolls!
    3. I have not changed my starlet's natural appearance, except for eye shadow and lipstick...
    4. I have 11 Best Actress Awards
    5. and 6 Supporting Actress Awards ~ What can I say, Gia Samurai likes full credit for her work :P
    6. Stardom came out the same month as my birthday ~ Yippeee!!! (Only a few days away... *cough cough*)
    7. So yeah I am an Aquarius ^_^ ~ explains a lot, right?!
    8. I have Max as an agent .... slip of the finger....
    9. As soon as I have more stars I will be running back to Arnie with a Earvander Tyson Grill, begging for forgiveness xD
    10. I would love England/London to be implemented as I am bias :P
    11. Jacob ran away with Maumar Szylack thanks to glu's contact wipe =( ~ Jacob beat me to it xD
    12. I would love to own Tony the Tiger or Paul but simply can't afford them *sob*
    13. I would love a Basset Hound pet option once again, because I am bias haha!
    14. My awesome stardom buddy Shirodubbed MERB by yours truly :3
    15. This forum has kept me sane throughout my Stardom and Real life obstacles so thanks again community
    16. Hope the next update brings..... NAIL VARNISH FOR TOE NAILS!!!! vouhwboiweahfvoiewrhqenfoblbdnw Excuse the angry gibberish, dudes and dudettes!
    17. Parties and entourages too!
    18. and obviously more adventures ^_^
    19. CHARLENE IS MY IDOL! I think she is fab :3
    20. Stardom Hollywood game data to be saved on glu servers!!!!!
    21. Girl dropping the ice cream at the beach ~ funniest thing ever on Hollywood!
    Weiner Bros. in NY makes me chuckle too
    If you haven't already gathered, I am a sucker for a pun xD
    Gotta say I actually love Miguel's facial expressions! So sarcastically camp xD
    Force of Five was one of my favourite goals
    Better customer service in 2014
    Wish I could help Tony Devera become a super star after all he got me a job at Starbeans :p
    A bug freeish year pretty please with a cherry on top!
    28 things later and my fingers and brain hurt xD

    Want to know more about Gia Samurai? Watch my reality show xD
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