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Heyy everyone :) I thought it be cool to have magazine at your place located on the table. You know how Charlen always call about a photo shoot? Well when its done and they finish editing you can see it on a magazine cover at your place just the front cover not the inside. Also I thought it be fun to do an engagement photo shoot and see it on the front cover saying Hailey is engage to a famous soccer player name Zack(Something like that) and the same thing when you get married Hailey was caught seen in Las Vegas getting married. And if they add kids then we can a baby bump photo session or maybe a paparazzi can take pic of us without knowing. Maybe have a People magazine for fun. It be cool to see how the photo shoot you done on a magazine cover.
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    I like the sound of this idea. Especially the Engagement & Wedding Cover Shoot :D

    Some cute and nice ideas here, Keia :o
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    Hey I like that! and I can imagine how they'd do that :3 great ideas keia!
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    Oh, this is a marvellous idea! Really unique, too.
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