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Hey guys I'm new here but been playing stardom Hollywood for awhile now and I played "Stardom: A-List" as well. I'm nearly on level 19 and have 93 million fans lol. Bought tons of apartments etc and I'm totally hooked although some things annoy me lol. I was nominated for one award during the star awards special event and lost to my rival Isabella lol and I'm engaged almost ready to get married hahaha. I want to have babies lol. I'm waiting on my the notice to come up to purchase the buzz package but I can't get it up :( and waiting on Charlene to call for nominations for movies have done. I hired a lawyer to handle the scandal about a guy saying I'm married to him but haven't heard anything back from Charlene? Also on the star awards when Ray is interviewing me I click on "respond" and he says are u even listening to me etc? How I do answer him right? I need to be friend with Hollywood addicts


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    Wow, this is a big post xD

    First, welcome to the forums :]

    Lol I lost to my rival too.... :\ Congrats on your almost marriage! Babies are a very popular suggestion on the forums!

    I notice that it comes up in the last 24 hours before the awards; hopefully it comes up at the time.

    Don't worry, he's just a fake xD I wouldn't worry about it if nothing from it is harming you.

    You have to read what he says and answer the questions correctly. He will usually ask about genre of the movie, studio, or a line. You need to remember those facts to be able to respond correctly :]

    Here are the two threads about adding friends:
    http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?92103-Game-Center-Contacts -iOS only!

    Welcome again! :]
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    Sorry for long post lol had abit to say to introduce myself lol. I want max to be my agent so bad lol, will they keep updating the game so the story never ends lol :)
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    There's a lot of places that are locked that I never been to. Do I get to go into them? And goal is annoying me so much there's 3 tasks in the goal and have done two but waiting on the third and it's to film a role so I meet Luxor or however it's spelt and it keeps me giving other projects grrrr. Wanna complete my goal
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    Do not apologise for the length of your post.... We love big posts here anyway⌒▽⌒)

    In order to get Max as an agent, rumour has it that you have to complete a film series called Time Alien and a film called Oscar Mike. You will have the opportunity to meet Max at the Time Alien Party at Headley Mansion in The Hills. For more info check out the How to get Represented by Max Bling post :3

    We hope they keep updating the game so the story never ends but we don't know what the future will bring for Stardom: Hollywood. The A List ended abruptly, hopefully the same doesn't happen to Hollywood and it has a long & bright future :o

    There certainly is a lot places locked! Some of them you do gain access to some you don't;

    Globatech International only opens for one goal so far, for a photo shoot.
    Smith Assiciotes opens for 2 goals I believe.
    Pacific Concepts LLC has not opened at all
    Gaffer Tape LTD has not opened at all either
    If you unlocked New York, The Classy Dame and Guiseppe's Pizza have not opened as of yet
    SpeakEasy Co. has opened for one goal.

    Hopefully these areas will be developed in future updates like Pantaloons Nouveaux was, which unlocks as part of Haute Coutoure goal :)

    As for your goal it sounds as though you are working on the Lamour series as part of Haute Coutoure lol! Jean-Luc Girdard says he will introduce you to the Fashionista, Lamour who has been in hiding since 1989, if you complete his series of short films, Digital Desire. Complete all 3 of those and Jean-Luc will ask you to film one last project called Lamour L'amour! Complete that film, after meeting Lamour and gone back to see Miguel, you would have complete the goal o(≧▽≦)o
    It's awesome to see another Stardom Addict join the gang xD

    *・゜゚・*A huge starry welcome to the forums, CMT89! *・゜゚・*
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    Have done all of the digital desire projects waiting to do Lamput L'amout for like a week so annoying lol. We'll I guess it's good that not everything has unlocked cause cud mean there will be future update with the story extended. I'm wondering does my husband move in with me? Or we buy a place together? I loved stardom almost but Hollywood is much better. The projects that take 48 hours kill me lol and the 24 hours is annoying cos it takes forever to fill up the stars lol but I love it lol
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    add me: chillEworld
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    I have no friends yet either on it just the in game players? How do I add u?
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    Ah. You must have a lot of active projects/goals going, just work your way through them and L'amour Lamour will become available soon :)

    Exactly! Leaving some of the buildings locked gives us something to look forward to :3 As for your husband, he will move in with you and can be found in all your homes as well as his apartment :D

    The 24-48 hour projects are challenging, it's all about time management ^_^ If they were easy they wouldn't be fun xD
    CMT89 wrote: »
    I have no friends yet either on it just the in game players? How do I add u?

    If you are playing on an iPhone, iPad, iPod or mac you can add people via Game Center. You can do this by clicking the friend bubble and then click the + sign in the top right hand corner. Here, you type a friend's username and press send. Once they have accepted they will show on your game, but make sure you are signed into your GC account in Stardom Hollywood, which you can do via the phone icon. o(≧▽≦)o

    If you are playing on an android device you add friends via Facebook. As long as you are signed into Facebook in the game and your Facebook friends play Stardom they will show in your contacts.⌒▽⌒)
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    add me: chillEworld

    Please stick to the designated post for friend requests: Game Center Friends pretty please with a cherry on top xD Loads more people will see it plus you can browse it too to find friends :o I have moved one of your posts to that thread :3

    *・゜゚・*A huge starry welcome to the forums, ChillEworld! *・゜゚・*
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    Thanks for ur help, how far into the game are u? Yeah I know if it was too easy with the 24 to 48 hour projects it be too easy plus game cud end too quickly lol but sometimes it's annoying haha. I hope there's an update where babies cud happen wud be cool to my character pregnant hahahah. The mansion in the hills I wanna buy it so bad but I don't think u can. How many levels are there? X also can u delete posts cos I posted twice and wanted to delete one but I couldn't figure it out
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    Hey no problem! It's my pleasure :o I am on level 24 and have pretty much completed most of the main goals which makes it kinda boring. I have to hope that when i level up a new goal/storyline becomes available haha xD

    Haha! It would be cool to see that! Having babies/children is a very popular and most wanted feature for the game... hopefully the developers will work to implement this into the game in a future update.

    There are currently 30 levels in total ^_^ As for the mansion, you can indeed buy it :D but you have to attend a party there in order for it to become available to purchase. this is the same party you need to get Max as an agent :3

    You can delete your own comment by clicking Edit on your post then press Delete which is on the bottom right hand corner. As for threads/Posts you are unable to delete these :3
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    Love the discussion happening here! :3

    If you want more info on adding friends, you can read here: http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?92106-All-about-Adding-Contacts

    24 hour projects are definitely tough sometimes xD

    I'm level 26 but I've held back on doing goals so I have something to do when I'm not busy :P

    Children would definitely be awesome :3

    I have the mansion!
    yeah I'm a show off when it comes to this house as i adore it XD

    Glad you love this game :D
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    How much is the mansion? I'm way behind on level 19 lol. Are u guys married in the game? Can I add u on games center? Or u add me? Im ClareMarie89

    You two know so much about the game, I'm abit disappointed in that I never see the paps and barely stopped if ever stopped by fans which was meant to be a new feature well for me anyways. What level is the party at the mansion? The apartment in the valley is like 200000 that's well unfair u gave to buy crazy amount of cash packs to get it
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    The mansion is either $300,000 or 180 stars. You can check out the Stardom: Hollywood Wiki which Samurai and I are admins for if you have any general questions :]

    You may definitely add us! My GC is FongPay123 and Samurai's is Samurai Pizza Cat! (with exclamation and spaces).

    I have been playing since day one of this game and Samurai shortly after so we've been playing for over a year now!

    It's not really by level, but you can access the mansion after you have gotten the Time Alien and Oscar Mike projects. After that, then you can have Max as an agent or buy the mansion!

    Haha, the game does take a lot of work! It takes a lot of patience, effort, and time :] But that's what makes the game fun in my opinion; to have gotten so far and worked hard so that I can afford these houses!
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    Added u both. Thanks for allowing me to add u. Where are u guys from and how old are u? What's ur names? Thanks for chatting with me, hope I'm not bothering u lol. Have spent so much money on these games lol. How much have made on the game?
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    Totally buzzing right now lol about to get married haha and finally done the L'amour project and bagged myself a stylist mogul and got free dress which is actually rele nice lol and and I have time alien in less than 24 hours to shoot so getting there and 100 million fans and I'm nominated for award whoo!! Bought my wedding dress and vail days ago so exciting lol.
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    I'm going to accept the request after I type this xD

    I'm from USA, 20-Something, and my name is Shiro :] I've only spent money on event offers, nothing else! I admit I'm quite loaded because I don't really spend money on much except dates.

    This is no bother! We love conversations on the forums :P

    Grats on your almost-marriage again xD Well it wasn't really free; you earned it ;]

    You got Time Alien!!! That means you get to see the mansion and can have Max as an agent soon :3

    Sounds like Stardom is treating you well! So exciting indeed :]
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    I'm 24. Hope the time alien project don't too long. Loading the hand can sometimes be brutal. It's official I'm married lol went to Tahiti
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    Congratulations on your marriage! :3 It shouldn't but it wont be too long that's for sure :]
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    Accepted your request, CMT89 :o .... If you was born in 1989 we're the same age xD I just turned 25 a few weeks ago... well, nearly a month ago now *sob*

    My name is Kate , which suckssss lol! But you can call me Samurai, (every one does plus I prefer it haha!) I'm from London, England :3. I too have only spent money on the events and special deals ^_^ I'm pretty well off in my game too but I don't splash it about haha! The only time I do is for gifting reasons and dating, when I can be bothered to date that is :p

    Congrats on being almost married, I'll get the confetti ready xD And wooooo to Time Alien! Not long until you can get to the party and have Max as agent... I have him as my agent and tbh I loathe him o.O The baby stuff does my nut in lol xD
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    how long is time alien?? i had as my agent in the A-List and yeah the baby comments were kinda nutty haha but his more class than Arnie and looks better lol plus max gets u higher paying jobs.. yeah was born in 1989 I'll be 25 in oct and im called ClareMarie and from Ireland :) used to live in England and stayed in London for months.... do u use viber or bbm?? u have an iPhone?
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    Samurai, thanks u SO much for the gifts u sent me, I actually rele wanted that dress so thank u, I tried to send u a gift back but everything is coming up as locked, I took a screen cap of it to show u but it says imagine URL when I went to upload it. I'm number 4 in the stop 500 with u and fongpay that's SO cool we're celeb friends and we can see each other's characters :) my character is how I look with the hair etc so gives u an idea lol.
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    I think it's either 8 hours or 24 hours but don't hold me to it as it was a long time ago that I did it xD

    Oooo an A List player too! Yeah I had him as agent in that too but shortly went bal to Arnie xD He may give bigger projects, meaning more cash & have a classier office but he only cares for one thing & that's money haha! meanwhile Arnie actually cares about you & Has a better personality in my opinion :p

    Ohh well hey there neighbour haha! Good to see someone from my side of the water haha! Unfortunately no I don't have either of those but I'm on twitter for Stardom Hollywood purposes of course ^_^ & I'm on skype. I do indeed play with an iOS device :o

    As for the gifts, you are more than welcome :3 Glad you liked them. Ohh haha! I pretty much have everything xD So don't stress over it. Consider it a welcome present =) Ohhh yeah In order to post a picture you need to upload it to either tiny pic or photobucket & get the URL code. There is a post about it but I'm currently in my phone replying to you so it will take me a bit to get it.

    WOOO! Stardom chums xD Your character looks funky, loving her style xD I do kinda look like my character but not really lol! I don't have those fab cheek bones or the short hair but I do have a funky mullet hair cut, similar to the Christmas hair do in real life :3

    Edit: Here's the link to the post regarding Posting pictures http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?72165-How-to-Capture-amp-Post-a-Picture
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    I edited my post lol I meant thanks for the gifts U sent me not gifts I sent me haha. Silly iPhone lol. Do I have iMessage or any form of instant messenger app? Wud be cool to chat to u. Yeah I looked around and it said u already have them items so can't send u any. I'm wearing the outfit I sent me as my appreciation :) started time alien now.... Whooo!
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Haha! No problemo! Yeah, iPhones and forum typing are not good a mix lol xD

    As I said, I have Skype & a twitter account :p They are the only two forms, apart from the forums, I use for communicating with community members outside of the forums :3 Plus giving out numbers and personal details can be a dangerous thing to do over the net so I wouldn't recommend doing it :) Really hope that doesn't sound patronising lol! But as a community mod of this forum, along side Shiro, it's our job to look out for the members and to protect you guys from harm ^_^

    Woooo!! Awesome! Not long until you can get your groove on at that party xD And I glad you love the dress :3
  • CMT89CMT89 Registered Users 87 Posts
    Ok no probs xx
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    I just sent some gifts too; sorry been so busy!

    If my character morphs into different looks, don't freak cause I don't know why that happens either xD My actual look is in that photo I posted earlier :3

    If you need to ask any quick questions, you can add and PM me on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/merb.shiro

    You can follow me on twitter too:

    I have skype too but that's way more personal, sorry!

    Yay Time Alien! :3
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    Where do I add you?? My Game Centre ID iS SRascalZ, look me up....Xx* =):)
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    SRascalZ wrote: »
    Where do I add you?? My Game Centre ID iS SRascalZ, look me up....Xx* =):)

    Check out the Game Center Contacts thread for a whole bunch of contacts! I am sure CMT put her name in there too :)
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