Earvander tyson and The Break

So ok, i got this call about a film called the break and i have to meet a boxer and complete some goals. I did all this stuff, but got no call or anything from arnie. I have spent load of energy trying to get it to work, but i decided to give up. Now, I never get calls for movies other than those ones you get every hour. I'm worried that I have to complete this to move on and get max as my agent. Any Advice? Thanks !


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    So you are saying that the actions arent registering in your goal? Or you finished that goal but no new goals come up? If so i would recommend send a ticket to glu about it. This issue has come up for others but it has not been reported in a while, it is a suprise.

    As for Max, you do not seem far enough along in goals to get him yet, but you never know. You can read up on this thread for more info on representation from Max.
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