The Best Way to Save your Game

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As we probably all know, Stardom: Hollywood has had a bad history of losing game saves and containing massive glitches. And while the iCloud sometimes helps, it only helps in certain circumstances and only for iOS. So to all of you stars and starlets, here is what you should do.

 iOS 
While iCloud saves help, it automatically saves any recent progress meaning glitches can be saved. The best thing for an iOS user to do is to download something called iFunBox. This program allows you to access your application files.

Steps to Save your Files:
1. Connect your device to your computer. Make sure iFunBox recognizes and reads it.
2. On the left hand side, there should be a list of things including your User Applications.
3. Find the Stardom: Hollywood app. You can either check the drop down list from User Applications or click User Applications and search through the grid of apps.
4. Open the Stardom: Hollywood App. It should show a few folders and the app icon.
5. Find the folder called Documents. Copy and Paste this to your computer by dragging the folder into desired location. Keep this in a safe place.

Now whenever you are glitched or completely messed something up, you can replace the Documents folder with the one you saved onto your computer. I can confirm that it worked for me, but always expect some errors to occur as well.

And remember to do this often if you really want to keep your files in check. I like to save at milestones (before updates, level up, awards, events) but it doesn't hurt to just do this once in a while.

 Android 
For Android, you can simply plug in your device to your computer via USB and manage the files there. Androids can be different however, so I suggest to do research on your personal device for more details.

Once you get your device connected, you can simply operate your device like an external drive. Navigate through your device and save the files from the Stardom: Hollywood App.

Now whenever you have a possibly glitch that prevents progression, you can replace the folder and it should work. Again, it's not a 100% guarantee but it may help.

 OSX 
This needs more research and experimentation. However you can try to follow this thread and see if you can find the folders with your saves in them. It's probably best if you know the basics of Terminal.

If anybody has experience with this, please let us know!!

 Kindle 
Unfortunately, the same thing applies with Kindle and this needs more research and experimentation.

However, if you know how to connect your Kindle to your computer and view the application files within them, you should be able to save your progress from there too by copying and pasting them to your computer.

Again, if anybody has experience with this, please let us know!!

Hope this helps! Happy Stardom!


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