Variety in people and clothes

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Heyy everyone! :) So a lot of people suggested of changing their spouse clothes or hair and I thought why they want to do this? Well one they probably tired of seen the same clothes or two they dont like clothes. Then I thought maybe we wouldnt have this problem of wanting to change our spouse look if everyone have different type of style. So my suggestion is that there should be variety of people that change their clothes everyday. Variety of people are like punk,emo, beach people/Califorina people, country people, girly girly, geek people etc. Its like the people of the real world not everyone we talk to or meet or see is wearing the same clothes as us or have the same voice/accent as us. All of us are different and that how stardom should be everyone is different with different clothes everyday. Cause im kinda tried of seen the same people and all that is different is the face feature. So it be nice to see a country person wearing Cowboy/Cowgirl shoe and hat or maybe a person who is into fairy and have wings on or a geek boy into wizard and magic. Hope this made sense :)
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    I think this is a great idea! I've seen you talk about this before and think it would be a neat idea :)
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    I think this would be a great addition to stardom after all we are all unique and it would be great to be able to express our individuality more :o
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