Werid Painting in our house

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Heyy everyone! :) Ok so I have 3 house one in the neighborhood, downtown and the coast. I went inside my house at the coast and went upstair and I saw this ugly painting and try to change it and as much as I double tap and tap there was no option to change this ugly painting in my bedroom. So I wonder if it was any more painting like that one. I went to one in the neighboorhood and there was none and then I went to one in downtown and there it was the same painting in my bedroom above the bed. Now I think about it is scary and weird like why is that painting in both of my house? So I want to know if this painting is in any other house beside the coast and downtown. If so we should have an option to change it cause its ugly and scary

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    I accidently bought that poster and now it is stuck on my bedroom wall forever, which is such an awful sight. There should be a more feminine alternative to this frightful thing. It's way too masculine for my liking and by the sound of it, yours too xD
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    I dunno, I think it looks like a buff version of The Flash xD I personally don't mind it and I think it looks cool! It just looks like a superhero poster, which I like lol, but that's just me…

    Alright so I checked the houses. This poster is called "Action Poster":

    Neighborhood Apt - Obviously it's not in there…
    Randolf Apts - There are two posters to buy here. You can change it to Action Poster or change it to one called LP (I bought that one) which is a poster of a phonograph.
    Starlight Condos - Can't change posters above bed (not sure if it's supposed to or not) but it's not the Action Poster.
    Beach House - The Action Poster in the Beach House can't be changed...
    Valleside Apt - It is not available here.
    Headley Mansion - It is not available here.
    Cecil's Castle - It's not available here.
    San Francisco - It's not available here.
    New York - It's not available here.
    Yacht - Don't have this house yet but I doubt it's here.

    So there you have it, you're safe from buff Flash after the Beach House! :)
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    Haha! Buff Flash or a salad dodging one xD Too many burgers haha :p But yeah it's kinda cool but my own personal taste would be for it not to be so tatty looking plus I am not really one for posters and stuff :3 It would still be nice to have an alternative for it in the Beach House.

    Wooo! Maybe I should upgrade my home when I can finally play xD
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