Stardom: Hollywood Update 3.6.0

New update Stars & Starlets!

Here's what this update brings:


Version 3.6.0 - iOS: 02 July, 2014

▶ Summer styles for guys and gals!
▶ New quests from your agent and Charlene!
▶ Keep up with Starnews' Ray Powers on Twitter for new interviews (@StarnewsRay)
▶ Watch out for weekend deals and promotions!
▶ Level 35 added
▶ Millions more fans added for A-listers to earn

Enjoy the update and cross your fingers for glitch fixes and a bug free update as always! :p

Update: So it seems to have fixed the Buzz Tab crashing and the STAR Awards stuck but Black Widow is still closing the app down when entering and people from goals are still missing. But hey! Two out of four ain't bad xD Nice summer bits for the girlies too! Loving the tropical trousers :3


  • MoxieFoxMoxieFox Registered Users 67 Posts
    The Android version wasn't released yet, but something must be wrong on the server end of the game because I'm stuck at the STAR Awards now!
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    I just saw on your other comment :( The new update will address it when it's released. It's not a server issue, it's actually a bug in the game. Loads of players have reported it. But yeah I would suggest to you uninstalling and reinstalling as that worked for me but it's not the best advice as, well we all know how unpredictable Stardom can be with stuff :3
  • MoxieFoxMoxieFox Registered Users 67 Posts
    Aww, it didn't work! The game crashes just before announcing the nominees. Hopefully there's an Android update today too. Grr
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Ahhh man! You should get it soon it's usually within a few days of the iOS one :)
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