IRL Relationship Problem

So I have this problem that whenever I try to break up with an IRL contact, it seems to always revert back to being a date again whenever I try to convert them to being my co-star. It also does that when I restart the game. I'm kinda worried that my star won't be able to marry because of this issue. Please help me solve this mystery. :confused:


  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Hey Yumbereo! This is a glitch that has been in the game for far too long! I don't think it has any affect on your Star getting married. The Marriage post on here was created when it was new and of course glitchy hahaha! I am currently investigating if it is still needed to break up with everyone in your contacts.

    The only thing i can really advise you do is to report the issue to the team via their Support Page. Hopefully they will finally address the issue :) If you do make sure to state your device, the game and of course the issue in detail :3
  • YumbereoYumbereo Registered Users 9 Posts
    Ah okay. Thanks for the help. :)
    I'll report the glitch and hopefully I'll have one less problem by then. ;)
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