Arm Candy mission

Max tells me I need to date a guy C list or higher but I'm already dating a guy that's C list. Do I need to break up with him and find someone new? I just got to the next level with him :( I'm new by the way in case anyone was wondering

Edit: Not Max I lied whatever that lady's name is lol
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  • RawryRawrRawryRawr Registered Users 227 Posts
    Maybe you just need to go on a date with him? :) Not 100% sure lol.
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  • Adoree1982Adoree1982 Registered Users 12 Posts
    I need to date a C lister as well.
    But i can only date one person (E lister) coz i been networking all other ppl the entire time.
    And all other ppl i try to talk to keep blowing me off.
  • AlexaMayAlexaMay Registered Users 6 Posts
    In struggling with this too :( I have an A lister I networked with because I was afraid he'd turn down flirting. Now I wish I would've went for it.
  • Adoree1982Adoree1982 Registered Users 12 Posts
    Tru to find some A-listers in the forum here. Or u can add me im an A-list in both platforms.
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