Anyone else addicted to the vegas slots?!

I love that they have 1 and 10 dollar slots in vegas, (they need to put them in KKH too! ). I go to the $10 ones and go all in when my energy is at 0 during filming and stack up the $$$ while I wait for it to go hubby loves to gamble so I handed him my game, he's like the manliest Man so he mocks me for playing stardom and KKH but he knew I wanted new hair and was only 2 stars away so he sat and played the slots for like an hour lol <3:) got me my 2 stars and I went from 67k to about 190k too :P so now I'm addicted.
Which also reminds me, I suppose to kill 2 birds with 1 stone in this thread Im looking for friends to add in the game! I have a ton of cash and I'm a giver so I'll gift :) plus I have 0 RL contacts compared to my KKH which I have about 6 friends from when I was in high school that happen to be on my fb. My email is [email protected] (Katherine Claire Archuleta so you're sure you're adding the right person).


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    So happy to see someone else is playing, gah this forum is dead, I can't understand why no one is responding to you. I'd like to add you, alas, I'm playing on an android.I can only friend google plus players.

    Interesting that you won big in Vegas. The two times I played the slots,, I lost almost all my money. I guess I'm not lucky but maybe I'll try again since it's not a waste of money after all, thanks =).

    BTW, have you won any awards yet? I've been playing for almost a month now and received none, not even a single nomination. I've read that this game is on paused by the manufacturer due to their concentrating on KKH, is this the reason why? Is the award system tied up the the developer actually running them like they do on KKH's weekend events?

    It's kind of funny, I'm currently on level 19, been #1 on the list for a couple of weeks now, have almost 5 times the amount of fans then the #2 star and both Arnie and Charlene still act like I'm a relativity an unknown. The heck? This makes no sense. I mean I recently completely aa quest where my character has to almost beg a photographer to take her picture. He reluctantly did cause it was a slow day. Shouldn't the game realize that she's number 1 by now?

    Sorry for all these questions
    Google + account name : Wolfee1029
    also my brand new Facebook account Shelby Wolfee
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    Oh no problem with the questions! And I actually am an andriod player but I posted this before I knew you could add thru Google plus, ( [email protected] ) cus the other email is for my FB. Add me! :)

    The slots are kinda like real vegas it seems; the longer you sit in the slots the more likely you are to win, but if you private msg me, (you can do this on here right? Lol. ) I'll tell you a trick on how to win big!

    And I have, I've been nominated like 20 times but only won twice so far, I'm #1 as well. Not sure why you've never been nominated? (ADMIN, any idea why that would happen to her?) It does def seem like there's no updates anymore though since KKH came out, I wish they would cus I love both games but these forums are like dead :( *cough hint hint to admin cough* but I don't think that'd have anything to do with not being nominated? Are you getting good ratings on your projects? And did Charlene ever call and give you (a very ugly) yellow gown closer to the beginning of the game? Cus that's when you get your first nomination and you can then become nominated. Wish I could answer why you haven't even been nominated that really sucks :( It is hard to win, though. Charlene will call and say you have 48 hours to get award buzz, and within those 48hrs you gotta complete jobs to increase your chance of winning, but considering most jobs are 24 hours and once the 48hr buzz is up even if you're in the middle of a project and complete it before you go to the awards you won't get credit if the time is up.

    Also I don't know why you're still being treated like a D-lister either. Maybe you just need to level up more cus you can be #1 but still only level 10 and the more you level the bigger, higher paying jobs you get. Also you could try switching your agent from Arnie to Max. There's a goal once you hit a certain level where you're presented the opportunity, but some people being high on the a-list were able to switch before getting that goal...I wanna say you get the goal maybe around level 20...cus I'm level 22 now and recently switched to Max. Max makes you more money and bigger jobs, and MUCH more professional. But my advice would to contact Admin, on here or send a ticket, cus by now you should be treated like royalty, people asking for autographs n all.

    Hope I helped some any more questions don't hesitate to ask :) !
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    Thank you for replying. Darn it, Charlene never offered me that dress. I'm wondering if she'll ever give it to me now since apparently I must have missed it.

    I'm on level 19 but I'm almost at 20. Hopefully I'll get the chance then.
    I'm really looking forward to getting Max as my agent, so sick of getting those mediocre gigs. Arnies' nice but enough is enough, no way will I ever make it big doing those commericals and walk-ons on TV shows. I've read that you have to go to a party to meet him before you can switch. Charlene sends you on it. Was this how it was for you?

    I went back to Vegas and won 1000$ twice, but cheapskate that I am, I quit immediately after winning big. I like knowing that I can leave Vegas a winner, lol

    P.S. my google plus account name is Wolfee1029(choosen in honor of a much beloved pet) so when you get a friend request from that name it's me.
    Google + account name : Wolfee1029
    also my brand new Facebook account Shelby Wolfee
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    Well I've been looking around the forums and it seems that A LOT of people are having issues, some to the point where it's unplayable. And Admin said yesterday they have no plans to do any updates or bug fixes at the moment :( such a shame because I love both Stardom and Stardom especially cus I'm by most standards rich with cash and Stars...wish I could switch them over to my KKH lol so broke on that game right now. ...but that's somewhat irrelevant lol.

    And yes you go to a party and the opportunity presents itself there. But I read many people saying they hadn't gotten that goal and we're able to go right in his office and get represented (you'll still get the goal too if that works for you). Hopefully by getting him as an agent that might fix your no award nominations...because with max, and the big movies I do including now becoming a director for some of my movies, I get nominated like twice a week. If not tho I guess I'd just accept that your game probably just has one of those bugs like some of the other people on here who've given up on the game. I'd just keep playing tho cus sometimes you have to get thru other prodjects and finish those before opportunities like the new agent goal presents itself. Dk what else to say :/
    and I'll def add you when I see any notifications pop up :)
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    But, I'm more addicted to playing Roulette.... $1000/per spin.

    Just won $7,000!!! :)
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