Please help me (I'm new on this forum)

Hi everyone!

My name is Crystal (in the game :P) and I am playing both stardom hollywood games (in the other game my name is Emerald)

The older game is what I am having a little trouble with; so basically I didn't want Arnie anymore and I wanted a better agent (I finally became an A list celeb, woohoo!) and so I went over to Max bling. The main issue is that I still have a ton of goals I needed to do for Arnie but since I don't have him as an agent I can't finish any of them yet they are still there.
Has anyone else have this experience? It's not really bad but it just bothers me how my whole left screen is full of goals I can't finish and I want them gone. Can I delete those or is there any other way I can get rid of them?

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
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