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I can't believe just how many posts there are in this subject of Stardom's forum!

With that being said, I did not want to spend a great deal of time and mental energy to see if my suggestion already has it's own thread.

So, if my suggestion is already on this forum, please consider this thread as a BUMP!

My suggestion:


I cannot stress this enough for how badly I believe that this game actually should have had a form of directions (for quests!) since before this game was released to the public!

This will definitely help every single player (maybe not the veteran players, but definitely for any/all new players!) to not waste more money by traveling to each city and to each area to find where they need to go & look for the
!above their heads.

Have a LIST of cities, areas of the cities, & special locations (social/dating scenes, agent's office/publisher's office & the movie studios.)

How about I give an example of a possible list?

This is nothing fancy, just plain text, so I haven't done all the work.

~ Game development team, you can use this type of layout in the game (maybe tap on the cellphone icon by adding a Map tab on the same row with friends tabs? or have a planet icon implemented in the top right hand side of the game screen?)

Locations (* = movie/tv show production sites)
City: LA
Region: Downtown
•• Locations: *Super Cool Productions, Charlene's office, Club Spaceman
Region: The Neighborhood
•• Locations: *KTV Cable Station, Wasted, Arnie's office
*~* Frae *~*
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