I need help! Agent not calling me!

Hi everybody. If someone is here, can you please help me? I've tried all the ways that wAs in the topics with the same problem and this happened with me. Arnie or someone else just not calling me (Charlene called me 1 time, but only for the Star Award, and then nothing). I think I've just stuck and I don't know what to do. I'm 26 lever A-lister with 241.8M fans and I have 11 goals (and there's in every goal 'avialable soon', but nothing happens). I'm waiting for filming The Scarlet Avenger III, and when I've done The Scarlet Avenger II, my agent didn't call me. He always did this before, but when I started filming The Scarlet Avenger he stopped calling me. What can I do? Mybe he'll call me, when I'll finish with The Scarlet Avenger goals? Or what? (But I can't do that, 'cause nobody calls me). Could this be fixed itself? Who else had the same problem? Thanks in advance!


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    I think a ticket would be required here. Send one in and wait for help :)

    Go here, select any game on the Support by Game list, wait for the new page to come up, click on Contact (big button top right hand corner) then change the game name in the drop-down menu when the new pop-up comes up to Stardom Hollywood.
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