Dressing/Creating/Changing Your Character Part 2

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Clothing and Accessories!!!

The part I've been super excited about in this category! LOL! Anywhoo...There's a lot of things that could be added here! I'd love to see a greater array of shirts/dresses, pants/leggings/skirts/shorts, shoes and accessories and in tonnes more colours (the sky's the limit!)! A lot of the suggestions here are mainly for gals, but there's a lot here that could be used for guys, too, or simply both.

There are so many different kinds of clothing and shoes and accessories that I'd be here for months trying to list them all lol XD At any rate, here's a snippit of what there could be, but is far from what there actually is:

  • Shirts/Dresses - Shirts: sleeveless, tight-fitting, loose, sleeves, blouses, casual, elegant, semi-formal, formal, Ts, 3/4 length sleeves, crop tops, crop tops with bottoms that are tied, babydoll, punk, rocker, steampunk, 60s-90s, etc, and a wide variety of all the aforementioned (AKA: crew neck, round neck, V-neck, high-necked, collared, buttoned, low necked, really low cut, etc) and more that haven't been mentioned. An infinite amount of styles could be used, too (beaded, sheer, semi-sheer, rhinestone, sequenced, etc). Dresses: Look to Shirts and Skirts for ideas but can also include, slit sides, belted, ribboned waisted and more.

  • Sweaters - Cardigans, hoodies, sweatshirts, fitted, casual, elegant, semi-formal, formal, loose, sweater vest cardigans, sweater vests and I'm sure there are a number more that aren't in the list provided but still exist. A wide variety of these (AKA: crew neck, round neck, V-neck, high-necked, collared, buttoned, low necked, really low cut, etc) and more would be great along with an infinite amounts of styles (beaded, sequenced, faux fur, etc)

  • Jackets - Light jackets, hooded jackets, heavy coats, windbreakers, parkas, casual, elegant, semi-formal, formal,. Styles: crop bodice, 3/4 sleeve, long bodice, wool, faux fur, faux fur collar, long sleeved, long sleeved with faux fur cuffs, long sleeved with faux fur cuffs and collar, sequenced collars, sequenced cuffs, sequenced cuffs and collars, sheer, semi-sheer, beaded cuffs/collars/both, rhinestones, leather, jean, distressed, etc.

  • Vests - See Jackets for ideas, but could also include cutoff sleeves.

  • Bottoms - Pants: Jeans, pants, cargo, capris, bellbottoms, flairs, high waist, low waist, bootcut, wide-leg, baggy, leather, distressed, sweatpants, casual, elegant, semi-formal, formal, etc. Skirts: Mini, above-knee, below-knee, at knee, full-length, flowing, high waist, low waist, slit, hoop, baby doll, jean, cargo, tight, leather, casual, elegant, semi-formal, formal, etc. Shorts: Above knee, below knee, at knee, hot pants, high waist, low waist, cargo, leather, distressed, jean, cut-offs, casual, elegant, semi-formal, formal, etc.
    Styles could include a number of what's been mentioned above in other clothing points along with buttons, draw strings, zippers, and more.
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