Dressing/Creating/Changing Your Character Part 3

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Clothing and Accessories Continued...

  • Footwear - runners, hi-tops, flats, boots (flat soled, low heeled, medium heeled, high heeled, ankle, calf, kneehigh, above knee, thigh high, platform, straps, buckled, zippered, any combo of the aforementioned, etc), heels (low, medium and high heeled, peep toed, straps, etc), sandals (strappy, buckled, flat, wedge, flat buckled {think Birkenstock style}, flip flops, all three heel heights, any combo of the aforementioned, etc). Styles could include rhinestones, studded, spiked, etc.

  • Accessories - I really can't even begin to list here. All I can say is Google search "necklaces", "pendants", "brooches", "earrings", "bracelets", "glasses" (sunglasses and regular), "rings", "hair accessories", "purses", "bags", "tattoos", "piercings", "belts", "chains" and "hats", and you'll get a billion or more hits. There just needs to be more of everything and way more colours and styles of each (precious and semi-precious stones and metals, too, anyone? What about stainless steel, titanium, etc?). I'd also love to see more tights and nylons, sheer and not, footed and footless, in a huge array of colours, too. I'd also love to choose where to place my sunglasses - either on my head or on my face or even on my shirt.

    As for tattoos - I'd love to see more elegant and non-elegant and everything else in between. I bought a lovely sleeve tattoo thinking it was just flowers and ribbons, and was disappointed to see that it included a daemon head x_x Seeing as these can be quite intricate and hard to see details, it'd be nice if there was a blow-up of each tattoo so that we can see what we're getting before buying them. Had I known there was a daemon in that tattoo I would've never bought it. I'd also love to see more placements for tattoos than just simply on the arm. Tattoos can go anywhere and it'd be great to see this. I'd also love for the tattoos to be unisex. I'd love to get the tats that male characters can get if I'm playing as a female character and vice-versa.

Clothing and Accessory Layering!!!

I'd love to be able to have the freedom to layer my clothing and accessories to my heart's desire! It'd give us a lot of different outfits and looks and would make character creation so much more fun!

Prices for Dressing/Creating/Changing Your Character

This will be a bit of a more, well, possibly sensitive topic, so please bear with me as I mean no offense. There are a lot of items that can be bought with Star Coins (for lack of what else to call them). I find the costs per item very expensive. These coins are a lot (and I mean a lot) more difficult to come by if you can't afford to buy in-game currency. It'd be nice if those prices were lowered drastically so that they'd be easier to obtain. I don't mean paying 1-2 coins/item, though some items would be nice to see in this price range. However, the costs of 15-60 coins is a lot based on the difficulty of earning these coins and the vast amount of items there are to buy with this kind of currency. I can also imagine the disappointment that may be had by people who want these items but know they'd never be able to get them because of the lack of being able to obtain Star Coins. If Star Coins were made easier to obtain, my thoughts and feelings would change on this.

The Star Coins used for things suggested by NPCs like the Roaring Hogs production and buying the tattoo, for example, or charming other NPCs, would be nice if the cost wasn't so high also.

As for items purchased with dollars - it'd be nice if that there was a wide array of prices for clothing, despite what level you are. I'm sure that today's stars in RL would even love to get a bargain on things even though they could more than likely afford the expense! LOL! XD It seems that the higher you get in level, the higher the cost per item. While this makes logical sense, as per the RL example given, I'm sure that there are lots of players that would love to see deals for clothing purchases and having a wide-array of prices would make the game more fun. I'd also love to see way more items bought for dollars than Star Coins. It'd make more items available to everyone.

Warnings Before Purchasing Clothing of Any Kind

I'd love there to be a better way of keeping you from purchasing something you don't want. Maybe changing the large Purchase button and tiny red X in the top right corner of the confirmation box to a larger red No button and a smaller green Yes button. I wound up losing 40 Star Coins because of the current way things are programmed on an item I'd never use.

Well, that's it for clothing. Hope you liked the thoughts and can add your own thoughts/suggestions! :D

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